Reviews & Testimonials

Read what some of our clients have to say


Read reviews and testimonials from clients of Nostra Dental Clinic, and hear what they have to say about their experience with us.

  • “My teeth looked amazing after going here. I’ve gotten them cleaned every year bar last year and the outcome was the best yet. Put completely at ease throughout the treatment, would highly recommend!”

    AlisonJun 2018
  • “I would really recommend this clinic for anyone who has any hesitations about going to the dentist. I’m sure I was an absolute nightmare due to an intense fear of the dentist, but both the dentist and the dental assistant did their best to be chatty and try to alleviate my fears, and it worked, I was so distracted I almost forgot my worries. My teeth felt great after and although I have more work to be done, I’ll be making this clinic my dentist from here on in, and I’m not half as afraid as I was before. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.”

    ErinMay 2018
  • “Great service and lovely surgery. I would totally recommend it to anyone, and will certainly be going back in the future.”

    NormanMay 2018
  • “Very pleased with my visit. I would highly recommend. Great value and educational too.”

    RossMay 2018
  • “Fantastic staff, very warm, friendly, and professional. They were very quick to relieve any fears or anxiety I had (I was very nervous about dentists) and made the whole experience very pleasant. I 100% recommend this to anyone who has been putting off dental visits or has any anxiety about visiting the dentist. After one visit I now plan to make this clinic my dentist moving forward and I’m actually looking forward to having them complete the work needed from years of neglect.”

    JackApril 2018
  • “The staff here were very friendly and they try to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure.”

    UzoamakaApril 2018